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Letter: Caution in rig setback fight

I congratulate Colorado Rising and 350 Colorado for their effort at instituting a 2,500-foot setback rule for oil and gas well drilling. I have long been a proponent of the 2,500-foot standard … there is no longer any reason, other than cutting costs, for a drilling rig (sorry, folks … not a “fracking” rig) to get within a half mile of a human dwelling.

Not everyone who wants to get dinosaur poop and its attendant flatulence out of the ground is willing to spend the money on directional drilling. So they are willing to risk public health and private property in order to export oil and gas to Japan.

I will only caution the folks who are gearing up for this fight to be prepared for any low down, lying, cheating tactics you will encounter when you take them on … even to the point of circulating false petitions to try to confuse voters.

Do not underestimate the O&G lobby and their hired legislators and commissioners.

I know something about this.

Duke Cox


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