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Letter: Center Drive peace ruined

What’s happening on Center Drive here in West Glenwood? My wife and I have lived on this street for nearly 25 years, and we have seen a lot of changes in those years. In case you don’t know where Center Drive is, it’s the street that runs from the west end of Toyota. Off Highways 6 & 24 North to Mitchell Creek then turns east toward Subaru ending at Storm King Road. Quiet neighborhood, you would think, but not so much anymore.

We have three car lots close by, Ford not being on Center Drive but still affecting our neighborhood. Car transporters, sometimes three or more a day, either park on Center to unload or drive around using our street as a turnaround or route out of the area. Center is not a wide street and has parking on both sides on the part from Storm King to Mitchell Creek limiting vision, as well as access when not filled with a transporter.

Why didn’t they allow adequate truck access when building these dealerships? Why are they allowed to block our street while they unload? Adding to the problem is the new addition and remodel of the private school across from Subaru and the construction traffic it creates. Another problem we have is people leaving their cars on the street for literally weeks at a time.

This problem exists along the entire street. The people living in Mountain Mobile Home Park signed an agreement to have only two cars with both parked in the driveways supplied with each lot. What is happening now is that some owners are exceeding the two-car limit because of their children driving now and by some owners renting out bedrooms to driving adults. This drives all the extra cars out to the public parking along Center Drive taking away the spaces we use for our own cars or guest parking. I picked out my lot with parking being a major reason, now my driveway is the only guest parking I have.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

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