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Letter: Cepeda should pay off her own debt

Honestly, I laughed until I cried at the thesis of your columnist, Ms. Esther Cepeda, who makes the case that taxpayers should pay for her and her husband’s college debt. (PI of 4/27/19 “Students … deserve a bailout”).

Ms. Cepeda and her husband have six college degrees (two undergrad and four masters degrees) between them and, during their studious years, amassed a debt (her figures) in excess of $230,000. Yeah, $230,000. 

I understand that if your degree is in Indonesian Basket Weaving you might have difficulty repaying the loan but to expect the American taxpayer, the policemen, teachers, veterans and tradespeople to take this debt off your hands is just a little much.

Ms Cepeda also advances the “Devil made me do it” defense as she laments “predatory education lending” practices. Did someone have a gun to her head? 

Someone with three degrees should understand the basics of a loan: I give you money now ­— you pay it back later.

She also decries that “Almost no degree guarantees a decent job.” Knowing that you might wonder why she kept collecting them. But, whatever. 

Sadly, there is only one guarantee of a good job, a simple three letter word spelled Y. O. U. 

Michael Larime

Glenwood Springs

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