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Letter: Charmed visit

While my wife and I were visiting your city this week, we decided to take a chance on lunch at a restaurant across the street from our hotel.  My wife said her goat cheese fritter was the best salad ever.  When I asked for the check, our delightful server named Rachel beamed with the news there was “no charge for the meal.” She pointed out a gentleman two tables away. I lost his card but he was with Alpine Bank.

We went off to the baths, got healed and headed back to the hotel. We decided to give the unpretentious place — The Pullman — another try. Jesse greeted us and showed us a table. Again we had a superb meal followed by desserts. When the check arrived one of the servers said with a big smile, “We were all hoping you’d eat dessert at lunch so it would be free. So these desserts tonight are on the house.”

Wednesday morning we got by on juice and coffee as we packed, checked out and took our big bag to the railroad station. We decided to give The Pullman a third chance. John Sherwood recognized us, showed us to a table, and answered our questions about the “creative” menu and its nutritious foods. He knew about our earlier good fortune, bringing the check with the explanation that “one dessert is on me to make it three in a row.”

On our receipt the line cancelling one dessert said: “THIRD TIME CHARM.” We left with waves, smiles and “come back” messages from the staff. When we were getting our bags out of the Hotel Denver, I told the desk attendant how nice all the people had been.

“That’s the way they are, they try to be nice to everyone. That is also part of Glenwood Springs, striving to be a community that is together.”

Keep it up, Glenwood Springs. We’ll be back. And we’ll tell everyone about this grand visit.

Phillip K. Tompkins



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