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Letter: Cheney a champion for justice

The 9th Judicial District desperately needs a district attorney who is an ethical, experienced leader and prosecutor; one who is strong-but-fair and seeks justice. That leader is Jeff Cheney.

We need someone who understands and has the skills to successfully prosecute crimes in our district. Moreover, we need someone who will be the voice for the victim and for us. It is not Mr. McCrory, who has spent the last 19 years as a defense attorney, advocating for the other side. In February 2015, according to an Aspen Times article regarding a drug investigation, Mr. McCrory, the defense attorney, asserted that the gram of cocaine found in the accused’s possession and the additional 2 grams found at his house were insufficient to justify a felony distribution charge. I thought it was.

Ms. Caloia has proven she is not an advocate for victims. As an example she recently reached a plea deal with a man accused of unlawful sexual conduct, false imprisonment and child abuse. The plea bargain allowed him to plead guilty to obstruction of telephone services with domestic violence as an enhancer. He received a year of probation and a domestic violence evaluation. Ms. Caloia is quoted as saying that the accused, “vehemently denied touching” the victim. Really?

Mr. Cheney understands that there is a balance and is not interested in filling our jails with one-time, petty offenders. There is a time and place for plea deals. Domestic and sexual violence cases are not the place.

The DA must work in cooperation with law enforcement, and there must be mutual respect. Currently, there is little cooperation or respect between Ms. Caloia and law enforcement and in fact, in many cases there is outright animosity. Additionally, Mr. McCrory admitted in a recent article in the Aspen Times that, “For the last 19 years, I’ve been bedeviling the police in this district.” Jeff Cheney has the trust and respect of the law enforcement agencies in the district.

We gave the current DA a chance to be our advocate and to fully represent victims of crime. Instead, she is choosing to pad her statistics by reducing or dismissing serious charges. Mr. McCrory has been on the other side for 19 years. If he was passionate about doing prosecution, he would not have been a defense attorney for as long as he has.

It is time for a change. No matter what your political affiliation, I urge you to vote for Jeff Cheney for 9th Judicial District Attorney. He will be the champion for justice and for us.

Kathryn Trauger

Glenwood Springs

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