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Letter: Cheney for DA

Jeff Cheney is an experienced prosecutor with 10 years of experience in the district attorney’s office. Jeff respects his colleagues and is a strong mentor to those both within the district attorney’s office and the law enforcement community. Jeff has employed skilled attorneys, some of whom have become judges in this valley, including Gail Nichols, John Pototsky and, most recently, Anne Norrdin.

As the chief law enforcement officer in the 9th Judicial District, it will be Jeff’s responsibility to assist police officers in understanding and applying the law and holding them accountable to the law. Jeff has the strength and knowledge to lead, correct, encourage and teach both law enforcement and prosecutors.

Jeff is a respectful and compassionate man, who has well-established relationships with victim advocacy groups. He supports victim advocates in their mission to assist victims emotionally and educationally through the criminal justice process. He listens to victims and informs them of decisions made regarding the crimes that impacted their lives.

Jeff is a community collaborator and a servant leader. He is a Boy Scout leader, a coach, a volunteer and a combat veteran. Jeff volunteered to serve our nation after 9/11 and earned the Bronze Star serving in Iraq in 2003-04.

Jeff believes in restorative justice. That is, hold a criminal accountable for his crimes; then help the criminal reintegrate into society to become a law-abiding citizen. In order for restorative justice to work, however, criminals must be held responsible.

Jeff is a professional attorney. He never lets personality conflicts, petty differences, politics or pressure interfere with his solemn commitment to stand up for the victims of crime and making our community a safe place to live and raise a family.

I know Jeff because I worked as a prosecutor under Jeff’s leadership. He is a man of ethics and values, a mentor to his staff, an excellent attorney and a true advocate for victims.

Sandi Kister


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