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Letter: Christie on the beach

This Fourth of July was not to be marked by sober reflection by me. I had put aside the prevailing blithe ignorance of climate change with a “climate changing faster than we are,” for the holiday and avoided all things Trump, only to be hit over the head with the political harm that threatens the nation.

The Aspen papers held a picture that is a stark example; a slap in the face to the democratic notion of parks owned and maintained by government for the public. The well-fed Chris Christie and his family were captured relaxing on a deserted New Jersey beach, closed on this workers’ holiday because of an unresolved state government funding squabble.

Christie’s thuggish abuse of power is nothing new for him. Remember he affected a major thoroughfare bridge delay, interfering with the life and safety of thousands; this for political retribution. But using the beach Gov. Christie himself closed to the public seems unconscionable.

There is a connection in my mind to this picture and Grover Norquist’s making government small enough to drown in a bathtub, and Paul Ryan’s desire to drastically reduce Medicaid and the Republican well-planned takeover of school boards and public education.

This is not to mention the Koch brothers, their ALEC organization and its tentacles, which extend even to our own county commissioners, oh, and the privatization of everything. Republicans consider education a personal responsibility. They also understand that better informed and educated voters are harder to confuse. Public education is under ideological assault, along with Medicaid and government in general.

Tax reduction is the Holy Grail for the new Republican Party. The picture of Chris Christie soaking up the holiday sun is a dramatization of what tax reduction will mean to the 99 percent. Please notice that the 99 percent are not in the picture.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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