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Letter: Citizen’s Alliance focused on selfish concerns

(This letter was originally addressed: Dear Citizen’s Alliance),

I have been following and reading about the group of citizens in the area fighting the quarry expansion. Personally, I feel that having a surface mining operation is just another cog in the wheel of Glenwood Springs and that people only care about something if it affects them personally.

My question is, where was this group of concerned citizens when the town decided to put a lot of marijuana stores in our town? Not to mention a marijuana grow facility in the middle of our town that spews out noxious fumes in all directions. I’m pretty sure that’s not good for our health. And what about a giant five-story apartment complex that has way too few parking spaces, and that does not fit the town’s existing building footprint, yet now we are all forced to endure it

My point — why not put your energy into areas that affect us all, not to mention our children, as opposed to your own selfish concerns.

Raymond Vath
Glenwood Springs

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