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Letter: City of Glenwood Springs City Council – who do they really represent?

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Who do the Glenwood Springs City Councilors represent — not me, not my friends and associates, but what would we know, after all we’ve only been here for 25-40 years. For example, why would a municipality sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into landscaping a mountain roundabout in lieu of fixing overdue infrastructure. It will only take a single large truck to run over it, in fact, I thought that roundabouts in mountain towns are purposely tapered on the curbs ( edges ) because large trucks can’t make easy turns.

Another council questionable decision is the Two Rivers Park closure. The City has voted by a slim margin (even the mayor voted against it) to close our most-used city park by both locals and tourists from now until April of next year in order to upgrade ($2.6 million) the perimeter structures along the Colorado River and, in the spring, the areas on the opposite side of the park including the restrooms. I’ve been in and around construction for over 50 years and I simply cannot understand why these two separate areas of the park can’t be temporarily fenced or bordered off in order to leave the majority of the park open including the bike paths which are used by locals to commute to work in lieu of driving cars.

No one that I have talked to wants the park to close, and if the City Council had bothered to take a public survey, this would be a no-brainier. Has Glenwood Springs gotten so big that major decisions, like closing the park, are no longer our decisions? Or is it that the majority of our City Councilors care more about new development and the tourist industry than the needs of the constituents that pay their salaries? Think twice on who you vote for at the next election and take the time to ask who really represents us and who doesn’t.

Joe Infascelli,
Glenwood Springs

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