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Letter: City officials should set limits on VRBOs

After reading the guest commentary by Curt Peterson on VRBOs in Glenwood, a couple of thoughts.

At the end of the column it mentions Curt lives in Michigan and has property in Glenwood. How can he understand any of the issues facing the downtown area from a thousand miles away? I would guess his property is a short term rental.

No one is against VRBOs, they’re popular all over the world. But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some kind of limit on them. City officials limit the number of pot shops in town. They set speed limits for how fast you can drive. They set limits for how big of a sign a business can put up. This is why we elect them, to run our town and do what’s best for the community we live in.

Greg DeJulio

Glenwood Springs

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