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Letter: City power play

The City Council 5-2 vote last night doubles down on their opinion that maximum monetization is preferable to the beauty and relaxation a park, however small, can provide. I am glad they were not making decisions when valuable real estate in NYC was considered for Central Park.

I am referring to the passage of a resolution by Glenwood Springs council to authorize minor improvements [benches] and landscaping [grass] on the North landing, “pending approval of a development plan.” We thought we had a plan that would look similar to the sketch just reprinted in the Post Independent, taken from the [Sixth Street] plans. I find the comparison characteristic of a bait and switch.

The amiable council does not see it that way and even went so far as to remind the North Glenwood Caucus of the obvious fact we are a Republic, not a Democracy and they are elected to make these decisions. Our opinions, at this point, mean little. Sound familiar?

This is in addition to the almost Svengali-like attention Karl Hanlon exerts to legally keep council in these positions of power in which Karl thinks they want to be. The wording of the passed resolution gives the right to City Council to sell or enter into a public/private partnership with an as-yet unknown developer, without public vote.

Oh, and the people who had the CORA request would have enjoyed the short shrift given as to the minimum to resolve the request. Maybe they had already discussed this but isn’t what got them in trouble in the first place?

I don’t mean to disparage anyone. I assure you I have appreciation for the work Karl and council does until 10 or 11 at night, on Thursdays. I could not do it. But I can tell you that their decision was not in keeping with what the North Glenwood Caucus, which includes members from the pool, the Hotel Colorado, Summit Canyon and residents, wants to see and thinks is best for business, tourists and our community alike.

A little power is going a long way with the city.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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