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Letter: City priority malfunction

The city wants to make Seventh Street more beautiful to the tune of more than $7 million via Glenwood Springs tax dollars.

Question: Which citizens of Glenwood will actually benefit from said beautification? Maybe the restaurant entrepreneurs? Maybe the city collecting the taxes off of booze and food? But the city doesn’t want to put any toilets on Seventh Street because the homeless (is that OK to say?) will come and ruin it. The same goes for the Sixth Street landing, right? Instead, they want a “splash pond” with a more than $200,000 price tag, and who knows what the corresponding maintenance price tag will be (aka a lot).

In the meantime, the majority of the south side section of Glenwood Springs taxpayers continue to get dissed, dismissed, blown off and stepped upon by the city.

Meaning we get to continue to drive down the biggest piece of crap in the entire city — also known as Midland Avenue. The city instead decided to fix this little section and that little street. These streets are not even close to the total, horrible dysfunctionality of Midland Avenue.

Is the city serving the taxpayers or themselves? Unfortunately, this question is pretty easy to figure out.

Dave Heyliger,
Glenwood Springs

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