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Letter: City should use our tax dollars properly

I think we all have seen the City of Glenwood’s true colors. A few months back they came to us residents and claimed they didn’t have the funds to repair our roads and needed more of our hard-earned money in a street tax. Today, even without getting that taxation passed, are spending $3 million of our tax dollars on a non-necessary project of improving Two Rivers Park. Does it bother you that they didn’t have the money to repair our streets but now have $3 million to spend on frills? Look at it this way: Your neighbor comes to you and says he is broke and can’t afford to feed his family or pay his bills and asks for your financial help, which you give him. Then the next day he comes home with a brand new car. Wouldn’t you feel like he took advantage of you, and you would question his honesty. The city is doing virtually the same thing. Why isn’t that $3 million going toward street repairs? They figure they will just hit us up for more taxes instead of budgeting our tax dollars properly. This is as wrong as it gets in managing tax dollars.

In the process of this project at Two Rivers Park they are cutting down 17 mature trees. In the past I have spoken to our parks people about Two Rivers Park, and one of the things they told me is they need more shade trees at the park to help keep the sun from burning the grass. But the city justifies it by planting new saplings that will take 30 to 40 years to become any help. We all should be aware of how our councilors vote on these issues, and if you do not agree with how they vote, don’t reelect them when the time comes. So all this makes me say always vote “no” on new taxes for the City of Glenwood until they start using our tax dollars properly.

John Korrie
Glenwood Springs

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