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Letter: City street smarts — not

I am joining the mob of other write-ins regarding the focus on the Seventh Street Improvements project in lieu of addressing the real problem: ghetto-style streets within the city. I cannot believe that most of the City Council (and the DDA) are comfortable basically slapping the face of every tax-paying resident within the city limits.

I drove Seventh Street Sunday evening thinking, “This is one of the nicest streets in town!” I then drove down South Midland — aka “Midland mine field” — where people play dodge-car just to avoid getting another flat (there was a Subaru on the side of the road sporting a brand new flat during my drive).

I also drove down Valley View Drive in Glenwood Park. The potholes are so big that thoughtful neighbors have gone to placing 5-gallon buckets into the potholes in the middle of the street (Mountain Drive) so you don’t shred (yet another) tire.

The Post Independent should do a “feature article series” photographing and describing (and hence, confirming) just how bad these streets are … and then show how the pristine Seventh Street compares. Unbelievable.

And now, the city wants more of your money to fix — I guess — what they consider “the other streets other than the glorious Seventh Street.”

Taxpayers of Glenwood unite. Just say “no” to more street taxes — unless perhaps the city pulls their head out and focuses on the true heart of Glenwood: fixing the streets that provide access to the local citizens. You know, the same people who already pay property tax and city sales tax with the expectation of at least some sort of localized return. The same people who are currently dodging the mine field known as South Midland, and the 5-gallon buckets in Glenwood Park.

If put to a vote, the results would be an overwhelming “no” to Seventh Street, and a resounding “yes” to local neighborhoods. City Council needs to start representing the citizens of Glenwood instead of restaurant owners, tourists and special-interest groups.

If the city proceeds with Seventh Street, just say “no” to this additional tax — and say it loud and clear.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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