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Letter: Climate balance

Two wrongs make a right. “Global warming” masks “global dimming,” or visa versa. That’s why this “sky is falling” hysteria about global warming is hysteria; it doesn’t give the whole picture.

Common sense says: when a fuel is combusted, particulates and CO2 are emitted. CO2 is never seen. That’s why everyone, including Al Gore, looks like a soapbox street crier. On the other hand, particulates are more easy to imagine and see. They are the “brown cloud” seen from the ground and from space. So what? This “pollution” is the price of civilization. This isn’t what Al Gore and friends are talking about. Besides, all this pollution would be cooling off the planet. Fact is it does, it balances this existential and elusive CO2. So, “global cooling” sort of balances global warming.

Each without the other, the world would be cooking or freezing. It’s analogous to robbing Peter to pay Paul, or some kind of pyramid scheme. Things reach a critical mass and collapse. In other words, the clear skies without global dimming would allow the world to cook. On the other hand, without CO2, the world would freeze under the brown cloud.

This is where, as in the “Wizard of Oz,” the wizard, once exposed, speaking into the microphone, broadcasts: “Ignore that man over there.” The charade is seen by Dorothy for what it is, and we should see it too. This “global conundrum” seems unsolvable; that’s why it’s denied.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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