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Letter: Climate facts

Recent writers to the P.I. have agreed that there is anthropogenic climate change. Disagreement has been on the importance of that human component. Science shows that the humans are the main driver of current climate change. I am able to assure Mr. Diemoz that climate change is more likely to destroy the planet than Armageddon (there being many different interpretations of theological Armageddon), unless of course, he is referring to nuclear war.

Your takeaways:

1. Letters supporting climate change science versus climate change denial should be 99:1.

2. The real debate on climate change is about policy. The end result of no effective action is an uninhabitable planet. The sooner effective policies are put into place, the less the damage from global warming.

3. A key policy is a price on carbon. The carbon fee and dividend proposal of the Citizens Climate Lobby has the benefits of compelling polluters to pay for pollution and reimbursing citizens, not government.

4. Fossil fuel interests will delay until they no longer are allowed to do so.

5. Millennials’ actions will make the difference … we Boomers have failed you.

A recent academic study says the most impactful individual actions are:

1. Parents, have one less child.

2. Eat a plant-based diet.

3. Don’t use air travel.

Those are facts you should deal with.

David Schroeder

New Castle


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