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Letter: Climate obfuscation

Now is a great time to talk about global warming, instigated by deforestation, CO2 higher than it has been in the past 800,000 years and massive methane emissions.

Heat-initiated circular storms have moved to the Arctic and Antarctic as seen on earth.nullschool.net. Most of the country is calm and all we need is to figure out how to recover and pay for our ignorance and the climate obfuscation of the past 27 years.

The fires, extreme temperatures and monster storms will continue. The planet is talking to us — let’s listen. We cannot ignore the effectiveness of the disinformation rained on the U.S. and the world by oil interests. If we do not follow China and Europe’s lead with a focused change in our energy habits, we can expect the continuation with an increase in the intensity of destruction witnessed this fall.

John Hoffmann


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