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Letter: Clinton isn’t running in 2020

I just received email from info@coryforco.com informing me that Hillary Clinton is seriously considering running for president again in 2020 and asking me what I think about that.

This is what I think about that. The email stunt appears based on a silly column by Willie Brown to which Donald Trump immediately responded on twitter, calling her the usual names and making the usual accusations. Silly on his part, eh? 

Equally silly to bother with it, Hillary sarcastically tweeted, “Don’t tempt me — do your job.” 

Apparently she has nothing better to do between book-signings. How the POTUS finds time for such petty nonsense is more disturbing.

It’s true that rumors of a 2020 Hillary candidacy abound on the Internet along with rumors of alien abductions and such, but I’m not sure Gardner would personally endorse something as dishonest as exploiting this worthless rumor.  It may be he’d rather run against poor, politically washed-up Hillary than against his real opposition: Romanoff, Hickenlooper, etc. 

Nonetheless, the site (coryforco.com) appears to belong to a PAC — “Gardner for senate” — and I’m hopeful he will personally disavow what they did. 

Either way, if you get this email or otherwise come across this silly rumor, disregard it. Vote your conscience, and vote your intelligence, and don’t be influenced by blatant disinformation.

Ron Kokish


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