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Letter: CMC deserves support

I serve as the Colorado Mountain College Foundation board member for west Garfield County, having worked there for over 35 years. I believe we should support CMC’s ballot measure and vote yes on 4B.

CMC has become a victim of the explosive growth in Front Range property values. This has caused a loss in local funding for CMC due to a provision in the Colorado Constitution (Gallagher Amendment).

CMC, through 4B, would be allowed to recover those revenues lost through this situation. For the past 14 years, the amount an individual homeowner paid to support CMC is $32 per year per $100,000 of assessed property value. Through 4B, this rate would be maintained to keep the college financially sound and able to sustain the lowest tuition rates in the state and the third most affordable bachelor’s degree programs in the nation.

CMC is an asset in 11 communities that we cannot afford to have compromised by the impact of Front Range growth. CMC is the primary provider of police officers, firefighters, early childhood educators and hospitality workers in our mountain communities. It allows high school students to get ahead through free college courses in their own communities.

CMC has earned our support after serving our communities for 50 years. Support our treasured local college by voting yes on 4B.

Susan B. Alvillar

Grand Junction


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