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Letter: Coal’s not coming back

Note to residents of the nation’s coal belt who voted for Trump and still adore him because he was going to make America great again and bring coal back. Guess what, Trump lies, coal is not coming back.

With approximately 50,000 coal jobs currently in the U.S., the increase in coal jobs has remained largely static with a few hundred that were added being due to a coal mine that was approved by the Obama administration. And then a few more scattered here and there. Meanwhile, mines continue to close and utilities continue to convert to cheaper, safer, cleaner natural gas.

The coal mining that does remain is more and more automated every year.

I seriously doubt that illegal aliens are taking your jobs, because there aren’t any. No, when illegal aliens find themselves unemployed or under employed they get off the couch, put everything they own into a back pack and move thousands of miles to where there are jobs.

Hint, hint.

Instead of sitting around in your empty dying towns wishing for the good old days and counting on a narcissistic New York billionaire to return you to a prosperity you never really had perhaps you should stop wishing and praying and instead get up, load up the old truck, kiss momma good-bye and go to where there are jobs. Somebody has got to build those power plants and drill for the gas to fuel them. Of course, after $25 billion are wasted on the wall, there might be a demand for guys with tunneling experience.

Marco Diaz



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