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Letter: Colorado communities need your “No” vote on Proposition 112

Supporters of Proposition 112 would have you believe that the de facto ban on oil and gas development would benefit Colorado communities. They couldn’t be more wrong. 

In addition to nearly a quarter million jobs the industry supports in Colorado, the oil and gas industry also provides billions in funds to state and local coffers. 

Revenue from this industry supports public safety, government services, health and human services, parks, first responders, urban redevelopment, and other public works. Of course, our schools are among the greatest beneficiaries of oil and gas development in the state. 

In 2014, $434.7 million in property tax went to counties, cities, and school districts and over half of funds collected from property taxes directly funded schools. Additionally, over the past decade, another $1.4 billion from oil and gas development on public lands helped fund schools. Proposition 112 would take away badly-needed school funding. 

Nothing is better for a community than great schools and oil and gas has been a positive community partner in creating a bright future for Colorado’s students. 

Proposition 112 would undermine the strides that Colorado education has made in partnership with this innovative industry. Fewer funds for schools could mean higher taxes, cuts to education services, and negative impacts to teacher pay. 

Proposition 112 deserves a “No” vote. 

Sherronna Bishop


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