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Letter: Colorado is not looking to the past

Although state Senate President Kevin Grantham wants to invoke some old-fashioned Obama-hate (“Guest Opinion: Governor’s climate gambit reeks of Obama-style overreach”) he might remember that in our purple state Obama won twice. As did Gov. Hickenlooper.

That’s in part because in Colorado, as across America, people want leaders that act on climate and support advances in cleaner energy. Seven in 10 Americans, including a majority in every state, support staying in the Paris accord. A Brookings blog noted that it enjoys more support among U.S. voters than President Trump.

The Paris Climate Accord has the backing of more than 350 U.S. cities, towns and counties, and 14 states. Most of America’s largest companies — including Adobe, Apple, Exxon-Mobil, Facebook, General Motors, Google, Microsoft, and Morgan Stanley — support the United States abiding by the Paris accord.

The world agrees with us, with most Americans — even if some of our elected leaders do not. Nearly 200 nations have joined the Paris accords, with many reconfirming their commitments even after the Trump administration surrendered its leadership.

That is why I appreciate Gov. Hickenlooper’s commitment to Paris. But the truth is he and Colorado need to do more. Climate change threatens our public lands, our farms, our rivers, our health and our quality of life.

In Colorado, we can and should lead on this issue: with the best minds, globally recognized institutions, and a skilled, capable workforce. Many Coloradans see the Paris Climate accord as a path forward, not as an impediment.

Our senators, from across the partisan divide, should embrace the state’s leadership on this issue. In addition to not downplaying the capabilities of Coloradans to work for real solutions, Sen. Grantham might recall he holds his position with a slim one-vote margin.

Reaching for an anti-Obama “golden oldie” might feel good, but it’s just the same tired and divisive tune. Colorado is moving forward, not looking to the past: on Climate Action and on new energy solutions. Either lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Pete Kolbenschlag


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