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Letter: Colorado River water

The water binds us all together here on the Western Slope. The river is stressed by growth, climate change and diversions. Water wars are increasing. I’m thankful the 15 counties touched by the river are represented by the Colorado River District. To me, its mandate is wise use, conservation and protection. The plagiaristic, defrocked commissioner on the district’s board from Mesa County, who has his entire political carrier represented special interests, is lashing out against conservation and supporting oil and gas development (Post Independent, 12/12/17). Oil and gas production uses vast amounts of water, which is lost to reuse. It is incompatible with agriculture, tourism and a clean, balanced economy. Scotty, for once take the high road and look at the big, future picture, for what is best for the water and for the people. Disband your posse and shape up. 

Dean Moffatt

Glenwood Springs

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