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Letter: ColoradoCare dangers

ColoradoCare, if passed, is a blank check we sign over to a board to cover medical costs. Being exempt from TABOR, we the people never have opportunity to vote against raising tax rates for coverage. That should get your attention.

Coverage is vague. Why? The appointed board is not yet appointed. So coverage guidelines have not been written. A simple yes or no question was asked at the Rifle Library gathering: Will naturopathic doctors be included for coverage? Answer was “the appointed board will determine coverage guidelines.” The eventually elected board gets together a ColoradoCare administration that reviews “if deemed necessary.” No coverage has been stated.

So far we have the state of Colorado collecting taxes, appointed board, elected board, and an administration we need to pay for their time and haven’t gotten to the doctors, hospitals, therapist and medication expenses.

If someone in Mississippi reads Dr. Jack Westfall’s “while ensuring every child has access to primary care and preventive health care; providing medications to thousands of patients with diabetes and arthritis and cystic fibrosis and cancer; and caring for everyone in the state.” would they decide to move here to Colorado? Do you remember news stories seeing families that uprooted their home moved to Colorado for medical marijuana for their epileptic children? How about a pre-existing condition in New York not covered by insurance?

Put the bird feeder out and see what happens – you’ll get more than you bargained for.

Maggie Rinker


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