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Letter: Columnist told the truth about immigration

How refreshing to read an opinion page not skewed by liberal sentiment. The Post Independent’s Sunday Thiessen column stated a well known truth: Federal judges, all the way to the Supreme Court are just as political as the people they serve, no matter what Justice Roberts wishes for. 

The bigger surprise was what “progressive” Joe Guzzardi had to say about immigration; “Mexico and its citizens are mostly united in feeling that their country cannot accommodate more people without harming its own.” “Migrants compete with Americans and already lawful residents for jobs. An expanded labor pool is particularly hurtful to the U.S.’s vulnerable minorities.” “Efforts to deter the caravan should be interpreted as measures intended to help Americans and in the best interests of future generations.” 

Our asylum system is a joke being played on us. The 9th Circuit Court is nothing more than a liberal bastion of obstruction to our border security and all things Trump.

I’m sure the left will soon disavow Mr. Guzzardi as a progressive. After all, he told the truth about immigration.  

Bruno Kirchenwitz,


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