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Letter: Commander in disrespect 

I am a veteran with almost five years volunteer service in the United States Air Force. I am aghast and angry at the scene perpetrated at the White House Monday by the ignorant, bigoted, scum bag traitor who is currently disgracing the office of the President of the United States. His behavior during the botched ceremony, allegedly honoring the Navajo Code Talkers of World War II was appalling. At best, Trump’s grasp on history runs at fourth-grade level, much as his vocabulary and his tiny vacuous mind. Trump has no idea or understanding of the service those three incredible old men did for our county and the American lives they saved. Summoned to serve the country which had persecuted and murdered their own people, less than a hundred years before, every man became a war hero, completing that service with great honor. Did you not see the medals they received for that service on their chests? Then, to produce a specific Indian racial slur, which he is stupid enough to believe was some sort of a joke, to attack a political rival in the midst of ceremony which was to focus on American War Heroes. Disgusting at best. This, from a man unworthy to lick the dust from their moccasins.

How long can even the disloyal, traitorous members of the Republican Party continue to allow this mindless fool to disrespect our country and embarrass us before the world? The singular purpose of stealing more money from the American people for their wealthy and corporate masters is all too obvious. The destruction and damage to our governments infrastructure behind the lurid headline is all too real.

It is past time to clean house. This administration is incompetent and rotten to the core. The Republican leadership in both houses of Congress have long ago sold our nation to the corporations and the wealthy who corrupt our government, our morality and our ideals with the deluge of crooked money flowing to Washington. Are you ready to leave your children the corrupt fascist edifice they are constructing?

R.W. Boyle

New Castle


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