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Letter: Commercial trucking supplies products we need

In response to Tuesday’s article regarding CDOT’s plans to construct parking areas for commercial trucks: Council’s viewpoint on the trucking industry as a whole was, at best, ignorant and self-righteous. Your “Not In My Back Yard” attitude, while not surprising, lacks the true character one hopes their municipal representatives would possess. Mr. Gamba’s comment “You don’t put a pig farm next to your four-star hotel” is laughable considering the amount of “four-star” accommodations Glenwood Springs has. (That would be zero, in case you were wondering). 

The fact of the matter is, unless you are totally self-sustainable and off the grid, you rely on commercial trucking to supply you with the products that you need in your everyday lives. Things like fuel for your cars, medical supplies, food, building supplies, electronics, etc. If the trucking industry stopped delivering, life as we know it would also stop. Within the first 24 hours, service stations and hospitals would begin to experience supply shortages. On day three, food shortages would begin to trigger hoarding, leaving market shelves empty. After the first week, automobile travel would cease, due to lack of fuel. And on week four, the nation’s clean water supply would be exhausted. 

I guess Mr. Gamba would prefer that they deliver their goods and get the heck out of Glenwood, because though he depends on their services more than he probably cares to admit, he doesn’t want them around his town. Mr. Gamba, your generalization of the trucking industry is an insult to the hard-working drivers that make sure you and your family have what you need to live comfortably.

 Yes, there may be some bad apples that use this industry to cover their more distasteful activities, but there are bad people in every profession, everywhere. Your assumptions, while anecdotal, are insulting and obtuse. CDOT’s plan for the parking areas is a smart way to allow these over-the-road giants to take a much needed break after delivering your groceries to the market for you.

Misty Williams


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