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Letter: Commonsense crisis

Congratulations to our new City Council members. Good luck.

I am deeply concerned about the newest housing application. I know that every out-of-town developer will tell us they will solve this “housing crisis,” but only if we give them everything they want.

I am sure that after the Oasis Creek approval nightmare that we are known as a bunch of dumb suckers where you can take home some serious money.

Any building code rules — no problem. Denials by planning and zoning, city staff and the people — not to worry. We have an engineer, a Realtor and developer on council (seems to be a conflict of interests). Do not worry about any impact fees. This Texas outfit only wants $1 million in fee waivers. Us residents would love to pay.

The end result would be 185 free-market units (no cost restrictions equals no affordability, like Oasis Creek), which will have heavy impacts.

Seems to me we have a common sense crisis rather than a housing crisis. First and foremost, council’s job is to take care of all the citizens. Second, we should never ever forget how fortunate we are to live in such a special place. We must protect what we have; and have rules to enforce it.

Let us sit back and take some deep breaths, please, no more construction until the dust settles from the bridge. So  council, you can go on vacation till this time next year.

Michael Hoban

Glenwood Springs

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