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Letter: Community Partner Program

Editor’s note: This letter is from a high school student.

Thanks to the Grand Avenue bridge team so much for providing the community with a plan for this August.

Traffic will become a big deal due to the bridge construction. The closing down of roads will trouble hundreds. The construction will affect everyone in this community, those who have to work will have to manage a new schedule and stick with it, with your help on transportation, it will definitely make a huge difference.

As a high school student, I understand that August will bring many troubles for those who may have an interview or an early job during the time. Transportation will be needed for those who simply don’t have an easy way to get about in town. Buses, vans and carpooling is a great idea, and I stand for it.

Our community must stick together and work with unity, together, helping one another we can all have a better experience during the bridge detour, from adults to kids, the stress level won’t be as high and the people will have time to mingle a little and get to know some other new people along the way, after all we are all going to be in the same situations. Once again, thank you so much for your cooperation in our community.

Jaime Valois
Glenwood Springs

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