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Letter: Concerns about apartments

I’m watching the discussion regarding the Midland Lofts project with interest. Although I do not live on or near Midland Avenue, I grew up in that neighborhood, before Midland Avenue was paved. The question of whether a high-density development belongs in that area is of less importance to me generally, than how the project would be constructed. Similar multifamily developments along the hillside (The Terraces, anyone?) have suffered from insufficient construction preparation and subsequent structural damage. That should be a first priority in examining the plans.

Today, while I have been enjoying a little Christmas music on YouTube, an ad for this project has played at regular intervals. It would appear that there is some serious money supporting this project. One of the promotional lines in the ad indicates that the developers will “voluntarily” contribute $100,000 to the city of Glenwood Springs for improvements to the 27th Street bridge and adjoining roundabout. Wonder how much that YouTube ad cost. According to the Post Independent, the city has set aside $1.2 million for replacing the bridge. I rather doubt that represents the final amount, since you really can’t even build a parking lot for less than a million dollars these days, much less a bridge.

Unfortunately, the final question is not whether or not the proposed development is the best use of the property or what ancillary impacts it may have on the area, but rather does it abide by the codes, rules and regulations for development in place today? It would seem that the financial success of the project depends on a litany of exceptions and variances. In that case, one must wonder if the city’s rules and regulations will be enforced. If not, do they have any real viability? Similar questions were raised regarding the recently approved housing development in West Glenwood. If every proposed project is granted multiple exceptions, it does not appear that the existing codes have much relevance.

Barbara Hauptli
Glenwood Springs

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