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Letter: Confederate monuments

According to science, anyone with intellectual honesty knows all races are descendent from the black race. The black race is the foundation of humankind.

No one is going to a Confederate monument for solace, inspiration or hopes that the South will rise again unless they are extremists. What puts a different spin on some of them is that many of these monuments were put up in the 1920s during the heyday of the KKK. This corrupts their authentic historical significance.

What would Abraham Lincoln do? Any statue deemed vintage Reconstruction Era or any statue revering leaders of the South on a sentimental epic scale, such as Stone Mountain, may be the exception. These are legitimate counterpoints to who we are today, and nothing can take away the honor of the black race. What’s left are the remnants of a lost cause based on the economic profitability of slavery. It’s something we do not want to revisit even if it’s disguised as “cheap labor.”

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction


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