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Letter: Confluence conspiracy

In previous letters I have outlined the process of backroom deals and low-key “public” meetings to manipulate the rules and negate a vote of the people for a park on already-owned public land. This, resulting from a private decision to sell public resources to a private developer and engage in a covert attempt to start construction of an oversized obscenity in the midst of the city, before the citizenry was aware what was happening.

I have called for the people of Glenwood Springs to have their City Council stop a planned vandalism of this property, with public monies, as a free gift to the developer. They will find it a hard row to hoe. The same people who cooked up this scam are in control of the City Council and the DDA, and will make every attempt to proceed with the scheme in face of any opposition. As an aside: Might be tough to get a housing project through the process just now, especially if it’s along Midland Avenue, anything that might be perceived as competition with the 400 units fantasized by the park thieves. Just sayin’.

The citizens will get no help from the “local” corporate newspaper. The editor is a cheerleader for the project. A call to investigate just how this all happened falls on deaf ears. I would suggest that an outside, neutral entity, perhaps The Denver Post, would be able to present a more accurate picture of what is actually going on at City Hall.

It would appear that they are trying to apply for a grant for this project. Any money received will, in the end, benefit private parties, yet to be completely named. Note that the buzzword “confluence” is used in the application. Look again at their rendering of their project: Does that look like a park to you? If this money is available, why didn’t elected officials pursue it at the direction of the public who had voted to build a park?

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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