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Letter: Congrats (or condolences?)

Congratulations to my old friend John Stroud for his promotion to editor of the Post Independent and, at the same time, condolences for the mess he’s walking into.

The Post Independent is a sloppy newspaper. Subheads are identical to the headlines. They tell you a story is continued on another page and you turn to that page and it’s not there. Sometimes it’s not on any page. Unfamiliar anagrams are not spelled out. If you don’t know much about the issue being written about, chances are you will not be enlightened by the story.

When I worked for the old Glenwood Post, we had a women who came in as the paper was being put to bed and went over every page with a fine tooth comb. She was incredibly meticulous. She caught many errors, many of them mine.

With Stroud being promoted and Ryan Summerlin leaving, the only news reporter is the excellent Alex Zorn, and he has his hands full with Rifle, Silt, and New Castle and editing the Citizen-Telegram.

Sometime after the Glenwood Post became the Post Independent, I ran into David Frey, a fellow former reporter, at a Storm King Mountain Fire memorial at Two Rivers Park. He asked me what I thought of the Post Independent.

“I think we have to admit, it’s better than the paper we worked for,” I said.

“I don’t have to admit any such thing,” Frey replied. “I don’t think this town’s news has ever been reported as thoroughly as you and I and John Stroud did.”

In the first place, I was extremely flattered he would include me and my nonexistent experience with a couple of pros like himself and Stroud. Secondly, I realized he was right. We hit a lick, but there were three of us.

I know newspapers are cash strapped. They sure don’t pay well. Given that, I don’t understand why the Post Independent doesn’t charge a nickle for a newsstand price. Their competition, the Aspen papers, are free, but they have an advantage the Post Independent doesn’t have. They rake in a fortune in from real estate ads.

Why doesn’t the Post Independent resume home delivery and charge for it? No home delivery is great inconvenience for the region’s many seniors. Don’t tell me they can read the paper online. Not that many seniors are computer savvy.

One thing I can tell you, John Stroud cares very much about the product. If he gets cooperation from Swift, Inc., he’ll turn things around.

Fred Malo Jr.


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