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Letter: Consider animals in plans

I applaud Mark Smith’s recent plea for people to be careful as they commute along Midland Avenue. My wife and I saw the injured deer when he limped bleeding through our yard along the path he and many other animals have taken for many years. He was a magnificent animal. Many like him take this path to the river on a daily basis.
Two months ago, our City Council wisely rejected proposed new housing units along this section of Midland Avenue. This is not a good place for anything more than low-density housing. Just one reason is that denser housing would cut off the last relatively safe passageway for animals to move between Red Mountain and the river. Here’s something I wrote about that when the proposed “Fox Hollow” development was being considered:

“I wonder what would become of our wild friends if the proposed Fox Hollow wall of housing units is approved and built right in their front yard? It sure looks to me like all this new housing and human activity will virtually block their descent from Red Mountain to get to the Roaring Fork for berries, acorns, water, fish, etc. Fortunately for them, up until now, we humans have spaced our homes far enough apart on this stretch to provide them with safe and clear passage to and from the mountain and the river. Up until now …”

So, yes, I strongly agree that motorists need to be careful. And I also think that the good people of Glenwood Springs should insist that our public officials respect and consider the needs of our wild friends if and when the city is again asked to approve new construction along Midland Avenue. In any case, since traffic along Midland is already getting heavier, maybe we need some new deer crossing signs.

Nick Kelly
Glenwood Springs

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