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Letter: Consider the middle

Happy New Year to us all. What a perfect time to think about a fresh start from all of the poisonous partisan politics of the past few months. Those of us in the middle, i.e., moderate Republicans, moderate Democrats and independents, challenge the extremes of both parties to change the toxic status quo and work together for a more positive and productive 2017.

For the Republicans: Your party won the election. Would it be possible to cork that jug of white whine you’ve been pushing for the past eight years? The country is tired of your underperforming, lowest-rated-ever Congress and your constant Chicken Little “the sky is falling” doomsday rhetoric. Quit promoting the idea that anything great that has happened in our country since Abe Lincoln was the result of your party, and anything bad was the result of the Democrats. Take some responsibility and admit that your party is also part of the problem. It’s time to dial down the hysteria and xenophobia.

For the Democrats: The election is over. You can complain all you want because your candidate scored millions more votes and didn’t win, but our democratic system’s funky Electoral College awarded the crown to the other contestant and we have a new commander-in-tweet so let’s move forward. You, too, share some responsibility for the shape we’re in. Yes, addressing social injustice should be a critical concern, but not to the exclusion of the legitimate economic or social concerns of other hard-working people who have so often been ignored by the powers that be.

Both sides display cultural arrogance and myopic self-righteousness in their quest for votes and power. America is still the greatest country in the world despite what the extremes of either party preach. We all have much more that unites us than divides us, and a multitude of blessings to be thankful for. Neither party has the inside track on intelligence and great ideas, patriotism or love of the Constitution, so both should stop pretending that they do and work for the common good. The majority in the middle would sure appreciate it.

Cliff Colia
Glenwood Springs

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