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Letter: Construction still affecting small business

Once again, I had hoped that there would be no more need for a letter like this. But I have been patiently awaiting a completed project on my corner (Grand Avenue and Eighth Street) since talking with those in the know right after Thanksgiving, with nothing — no results. I have now officially lost patience. And it is not just me!

Quotes from customers since the bridge opening — some walking in and the first thing they say, “When is this corner going to be finished?”, “I can’t believe this still isn’t done!”, “Everything looks so nice except these corners!”, “This must be terrible for your business!”, “I can’t believe the city is letting this go on and on”, “Somebody ought to do something about this!”, “I feel so bad that you still have this mess in front of your store”, “When are they going to get this mess cleaned up?”, “Why can’t they at least open up in the middle of block where it is all done except for a little sand?”

These are said over and over and over again. At least 3 out of 5 people walk in the door [and] have something to say about this.

So I ask the same. Nothing has been done on my corner for over a week. The concrete they poured last week has had plenty of time to cure.

Also, those folks over on the other side of the street and on 7th Street are asking the same thing!

Too bad there wasn’t a bonus or fine included for sidewalk finishing.

Please, please, can you just get this corner done! These closures and the whole project is still taking a toll on all of us “small businesses” down here. Just because the bridge is open does not mean we are anywhere near back to normal down here! It would really be nice for this to be done before Christmas!

Sue Sharpe, Confetti Design

Glenwood Springs


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