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Letter: Continue to work at grassroots level

It makes me a little sad to see how many people are saying they are “relieved that all the election posts and coverage are finally over.” We have great cause to celebrate as we’ve joined together, come out in force and created a more balanced government, providing much needed checks against a runaway administration and complicit Congress and Senate. But the work is far from over; its only just begun. We must hold those who have been called by the people to serve in office to be accountable to those whom they represent. We must reinstate not only the knowledge and understanding, but demand that we have a government “By the people; for the people.” Pay attention to what your representatives are doing, and continue to the work at the grassroots level. Person to person. Have those hard conversations and continue the momentum because we must prevail over a fear-based agenda that looks to exclude, oppress and marginalize women, people of color, religious minorities and the LGBTQ community. 2020 is right around the corner.

Valerie Eason


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