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Letter: Cooperation is a survival trait

The immigration issue is on the minds of many, not just letter writer Bruno Kirchenwitz. Most Trump voters support Trump’s stance on immigration, not wanting to provide social services for migrant families, or allow them to take entry level jobs. This, even if they do not like other Trump policies.

The neuro-psychologists tell us we are hardwired to be tribal. It is a trait that is ingrained in our brains because through our evolution it has helped us survive. It is natural to be afraid of other tribes.

Our policies and interference in South and Central America have created unstable governments and economic injustice, the goal being our political and/or economic benefit; useless battles against communism or trade advantages for one natural resource or another. Climate change is an accelerant poured on the fire of poverty and inequity that exists and has triggered an even more basic instinct, which is to survive. No wall is big enough to stop starving people, or people in fear of being murdered.

If by some miracle the U.S. would decide to help create livable conditions in the migrants’ countries we could possibly stem the flow. This would include trade and aid policies and support for just leaders, not tied to our extraction industries or other earth-depleting, polluting money makers like palm oil cultivation or wholesale timber harvest. Our leaders would have to give up lobbyist money from these same interests. The causes of mass migration are big and ugly. The darkest, climate change, is already moving people. Addressing climate change must be primary.

So Bruno, it’s not just overpopulation. (It’s proven that the education of women is the key to fewer births.) It’s ever so much more. We are not hardwired to be greedy and selfish. Cooperation is a survival trait as well, so in the meantime, while waiting for enlightened policy, there is no excuse for nasty or possibly deadly behavior.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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