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Letter: Cortez for mayor

Prior to 2008, I have witnessed Ed Cortez as an able advocate for the town of Carbondale as a trustee and businessman advocating responsible development, in housing and business. During that time, he was also a board member of RFTA, and an effective voice for regional issues that have dynamically affected our valley helping establish the groundwork for the new BRT system that we all enjoy.

Since 2008, our valley has gone through many changes. We have all had to adjust to new economic realities. Of the field of candidates running for mayor, he stands alone as an effective leader in quality-of-life issues that affect the working public. As a working bus driver and union president, he has negotiated a realistic, precedent-setting working wage for the drivers and improved and streamlined our relationship with management. To accomplish this, Ed demonstrated a negotiating tenacity and consensus building skills that produced great results for the whole RFTA enterprise.

Ed has the insight and experience to walk the thin line of governance with a hardworking public that is demanding quality of life improvements with limited resources.

Tim Honan


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