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Letter: County commissioners don’t represent us

We must ask ourselves, why are our county commissioners advocating returning drilling rights to out of state interests at the cost of our health? Who are they representing? Surely not us. The people of this valley have overwhelmingly made clear their desire to protect the Thompson Valley Divide, our watershed. In my opinion, when outsiders come into a village and poison the well, they should be dealt with accordingly. We are running out of water in this state. That is not debatable. These county commissioners want to allow what water that remains to be contaminated by fracking fluids, they want to allow roads to be built into areas that for the most part remain wild. They do not care about you or me, they only care about being the big shot with lots of money and friends. They have got to go. You have betrayed your people. Resign.

Douglas Andrew Salg,

Glenwood Springs

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