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Letter: Cows to blame for wildfires

At least 79 are dead in California wildfires with 700 missing. California has the dirtiest air in the world from smoke. Greenpeace says that average per capita meat consumption has to be reduced to 22 kg by 2030, and to 16 kg by 2050 to stop disasters like we’re seeing in California on a global scale.

The five largest dairy and meat corporations emit more greenhouse gas collectively than Exxon — the largest oil and gas corporation. The world’s largest meatpacker — Brazil-based JBS — plans to increase meat consumption 30 percent to 48 kg by 2030, according to GRAIN, despite United Nation calls to cut meat consumption.

All of this destruction is to sell beef that the American Medical Association (AMA) says people do not need. The AMA wants Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture to change federal policy to say that meat and dairy products are not necessary for good health. Dr. Neal Barnard, head of the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, says: “Meat and dairy products are key drivers of colorectal cancer and prostate cancer, respectively. And both of these product categories contribute to the epidemic of cardiovascular disease.”

Julia Weingardt


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