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Letter: Credit where it’s due

Every time I read Dr. Greg Feinsinger’s column (which is all the time), I’m reminded of the Frank Zappa song “Everything Gives You Cancer.”

I’m a diabetic who has recently lost 40 pounds, whose blood sugar is so much under control my doctor has cut my insulin dosage, and whose cholesterol is so low she took me off Atorvastatin.

I exercise a lot, but I also eat a lot. My diet consists of lots of fruits and vegetables and everything diet, and sugar and fat free. However, I also eat a dozen eggs a week, lots of meat, I cook with generous amounts of olive oil, and I make my sandwiches with two slices of bread.

I get a lot of good tips from Dr. Feinsinger, but I can’t give him the majority of the credit for my improved health. That goes to the fact that I’ve quit drinking.

Fred Malo Jr.


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