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Letter: Criminal, not social issue

Glenwood Springs’ attorney Karl Hanlon thinks the social miscreants trespassing on the hillsides in town are a “social” problem. If that’s the case, maybe he could invite a few addicts, thieves and drunks to camp in his backyard.

The thieves commit crimes daily, the addicts litter the gutters with used needles, the beggars panhandle every corner and tourist, the swine turn our fair hillsides into “toxic dumps.”

And this is a social issue, Karl? Boy, if I ever go to court I want Karl to be the opposing lawyer.

Keep feeding the bears and they’ll keep getting in the garbage, crapping in the garden and, if you’re real lucky, bite you in the ass. Those “homeless” bums are exactly like the bears: We enable them to live that irresponsible lifestyle.

All you bleeding heart liberals that want to save the world on the other guy’s dime are the sole cause of these pigsties on the hillsides. How long will Garfield County and Glenwood Springs officials allow this egregious disservice of its citizens and merchants to continue? When the tramps outnumber the tourists and our reputation lies in ruins, it will be too late.

Maybe an attorney that deals in legal matters rather than social ones would be a good idea.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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