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Letter: Crybaby bunk

The Feb. 3 View from Main Street is pure crybaby bunk; I almost wish my name was not Randy. Where does Fricke get his qualification to make these outlandish statements and all of his “what ifs”? I find it hard to swallow, so many unhappy Democrats crying in their collective beers. We finally have a non-politician president, and instead of asking, “What can he do?” they crybaby with “what-if he …”

Maybe someone in power at the Post should point out, “The election’s over and done, so let’s support our commander in chief and make our country as strong as it once was.”

If you think I’m wrong, take a look at our military. It has not been this weak in over 50 years. Our giveaway welfare has grown to astronomical proportions, but Fricke does not deal with that, as most of it came from the Democrats in power.

We should all start anew after the disastrous past eight years and help our leader of the free world make our country what it once was.

Being almost three-fourths of a century old, I find Fricke’s outrageous “America’s worst nightmare has begun” repulsive as an American vet. I’ll lay heavy odds he never served as a volunteer in any branch of the U.S. military.

Randell N. Smith
Glenwood Springs

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