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Letter: Crystal Valley trail opponents are hypocritical

I burst out laughing as I was driving west into Glenwood watching two people on bikes, slow pedaling through a herd of mountain sheep. The sheep never looked up. Another time a friend was walking her dog near No Name when her pup showed interest in the lambs of a ewe. The ewe head butted the dog, jerking the leash out of my friend’s hands, rolling the pup down to the river. Deer have hung in our garden every night for the last month and most of the day during hunting season.

Carbondale is critical wildlife habitat half the year. Why is it that everyone that protests the Crystal Valley trail has built their home in pristine wildlife habitat? They know that despite their dogs, fences, lights, noise and commotion, the animals remain. Why don’t they protest the trails in national parks, wilderness areas and national forests? Why don’t they protest Colorado Parks and Wildlife hunts? Why don’t they protest the millions of tons of herbicides, pesticides and oily road waste that go into our rivers to kill and evaporate and blow with the poisonous dust that covers the land, killing wildlife? Every dog I’ve had died of cancer, and I’ve never used poisons.

John Hoffmann


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