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Letter: Cut plastics, people

“Plastics” said the businessman to Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) in the coming of age film “The Graduate” in 1967. Turns out, that was very good advice to an ambitious young man at the time.

Plastics have exploded since then. In 2017, 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic were produced, of which 6.3 billion metric tons were thrown away. Only 9 percent was recycled.

Just about everything is packaged in plastic. Automobiles have more plastic than steel. Problem is, it doesn’t go away. It’s not biodegradable. If you burn it, it just forms a gooey puddle. The planet is plagued with plastic pollution.

If the coral reefs don’t have enough problems with climate change, they’re being coated with plastic. Coral reefs provide us with oxygen, folks, and 25 percent of marine life resides there.

The villain in this case is the same culprit responsible for climate change; Big Oil. Plastic, you see, is made primarily of oil. Big Oil is very good at marketing, i.e. pushing, their product.

They’ve convinced the plastic industry their product must be made with oil. It doesn’t. Plastic can be made with soy beans which is biodegradable and renewable. They’ve convinced the packagers and bottlers that plastic is the only way.

I’ve made a pledge to buy my milk in cardboard cartons or glass bottles. I will drink my beverages out of a reusable tumbler. Just like cutting down on fossil fuel consumption, the future of the planet is at stake.

Fred Malo Jr.


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