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Letter: Danger to country

I am sick and tired of hearing people excuse Donald Trump’s erratic behavior and speech by saying, “That’s just Donald.” Well, I’m just Pat, and my peculiarity is that I love my country, and it scares me to death that it is being treated so disrespectfully, so dangerously, so selfishly weighted to the welfare of those at the top of the economic pyramid.

I fear for the quality of life in store for our children, indeed, even for myself. I have had the gift of a long, peaceful life, witnessing war only from a distance, but with the development of nuclear weapons, devastation on our own soil seems increasingly possible.

I know I am not alone in having these fears, but I am advised to turn off the TV and the radio. Well-intentioned people say this is something I can’t do anything about, so why bother myself? I try to focus on the good things going on in the world; I access the Good News site, try to maintain an attitude of optimism and good humor, and pursue the activities that are important to me. But the fact remains that terrible things are going on in our government, and it appears that nothing is being done about it. I can’t ignore that.

There are some bright stars in the halls of Congress who must be as exasperated as I am with the dead weight of conservatism, keeping the good works of past administrations from being dismantled. But how do the others sleep at night, abandoning simple honesty, decency, and — I have to say it — intelligence for the sake of protecting their careers?

I consider Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to represent the blockage of reason that exists in Congress as I hear her, in monotone, deny problems that everyone knows exist. There is something akin to brainwashing in her manner and, as a feminist, I hope she will be released from this kind of bondage some day.

I wish the same for all of those in a position of power who cherish democracy, to wake up and realize what is happening to our country, to be heroes in going against tides of irrationality, greed and just plain ignorance that are threatening us. No more bowing to the whims of “Just Donald.”

Pat Girardot

Glenwood Springs

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