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Letter: DeFrates uninformed on hunting

It is blatantly obvious that Lindsay DeFrates knows as much about the vast majority of hunters as I do about quantum physics. 

Please do us all a favor and don’t give your opinion on hunting when you most likely have never spoken with a hunter, experienced hunting or even understand why most hunters hunt, and why hunting is a very important part of wildlife management. News flash, Lindsay, it is not about the trophy. 

Your ignorance on the subject was there for all to see with your statement “nine-point rack.” Wow. Maybe you should go out to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Office in Canyon Creek and speak with someone that will educate you on the subject. 

To make such a broad statement shows you didn’t educate yourself on the subject. Talk about a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience, the definition of prejudice.

It’s true most hunters are looking for that perfect shot: The last thing a hunter wants is a wounded animal. Most hunters will pass up game if they feel the shot could result in wounding the animal and it going to waste.

The success rate for elk hunting in Colorado in 2017 was around 20%. Do you truly believe that if it were all about the “epic bro-story, or the bucket list box checked” that Colorado would still have billions of dollars pour into the economy each year during hunting seasons?

Finally, I have been hunting with a group of men for about the last 12 years. There are two in the group that come from Illinois each year and were coming to hunt before I met them. I believe they have taken maybe two or three elk and a couple of deer in 20 years. 

They come for the beauty of the mountains, to be with friends, to relax, and if they are lucky to take home some wild game.

Linda, you owe all hunters, men and women — yes, there are women that hunt — an apology. Why do I not see that coming in the near future?

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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