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Letter: Democracy evolves, it isn’t imposed

Mel Gurtov’s Aug. 21 summation of historical events from the collapse of the USSR to the Arab Spring was a good reminder. Thanks. The question is, why were all these democratic movements a failure?

The failure of democracies in Russia and the Middle East have exacerbated the problems in Europe. The United States can take much credit. Thanks, Hillary. Instead of taking responsibility, those responsible have pointed fingers at Plan B, Donald Trump, and populism.

Further on in his article, Mel Gurtov points out “Democrats rant and rave but have no powerful center or decisive leader.” Touche, and neither do the Republicans, hence the world as it is.

Mel Gurtov then levels Russian collusion, buddying up with dictators, thievery, attacks on journalism, misogyny, racism, packing the Supreme Court, denying voting rights, attacking the FBI, CIA, NSA and others on Trump.

Bologna. Had anyone like Hillary Clinton been elected, there’d be real crimes, not accusations and a real case for impeachment. Hold her accountable. In the meantime, dream on Mel Gurtov.

Since Eisenhower, American policy favors the elimination of strong men, replaced by puppets or left to the god of false hope. Democracy, maybe? Eisenhower sanctioned assassination of an independent leader in Iran to be replaced by a puppet, The Shah. Kennedy had President Diem of South Viet Nam murdered earlier in the month that he himself was assassinated. Saddam Hussein was eliminated and inept leaders were elected. Obama and Hillary engineered the demise of Qaddafi, and Libya descended into chaos that sent refugees fleeing. Right now Assad is feeling the pressure and is digging in.

Aren’t such American practices the definition of insanity?… trying the same thing and expecting different results? So what’s this talk of impeachment? Trump’s method is to at least have a despot to talk to. Is there no faith that democracy evolves rather than being imposed?

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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