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Letter: Democratic hypocrites

First, for over 12 years the conservative right has been calling for election reform and the need to make sure there is no fraud in elections, for example requiring an ID to vote so that only legal citizens vote, laws calling for independent judges at all election precincts. And, for over 12 years the left has been blocking election reform. Fast forward to a Hillary defeat and the left is of a sudden worried about election fraud. Can you say hypocrites?

Second, I hear that some on the left are concerned about the “haters.” They feel that anyone who voted for Trump is a “hater.” All while we hear that there have been death threats against Trump electors. I guess it is OK to hate Trump supporters because they are “haters” — typical left logic.

Third, I read that the millennials will save us because they will vote for a socialist.
Truth is, that will only doom us. They may vote for a socialist, but history has shown that socialism doesn’t work and the discrepancy between those with and those without is much greater than in a capitalist society.

Finally, Hal Sundin must have an ego the size of Texas to think that he is so much smarter than the Founding Fathers. His candidate didn’t win so he feels America needs to change what has worked for 240 years. He feels that the Electoral College doesn’t give highly populated states a fair shake. What he fails to understand is that if we eliminate the Electoral College, the fly-over portion of this country will become irrelevant. States like Colorado would never see a presidential candidate, the country could be controlled by a group of 12 to 15 states because those states have over 60 percent of the U.S. population.

Bottom line is that a many of us lived with eight years of Obama, you can live with four years of Trump, so suck it up, haters.

Doug Meyers
Glenwood Springs

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